Bar & Restaurant – Kadir's Tree Houses

Bar & Restaurant

It's the best way to have a crazy time!

Enjoy the sea and sun in Olympos, where history and nature are intertwined,  get ready to have a wild time after a day of serenity! When the Bull Bar opens its doors, enjoy watching the sky around the fire and you will leave yourself to the rhythm of music and realize that you are away from all the stress of the city. Bull Bar offers guests from all over the world the most authentic version of entertainment.

Pizza House

Don't leave until you taste Osman's pizza!

You’ll never forget the taste you had at Pizza House, where the freshest vegetables meet the slender dough. The vegetables, each cut off from the branch, are washed with plenty of water and the protein tank meats are spacially selected. The ingredients spread over the hand-widened dough and they meet the lovingly blended sauces, the secret of Pizza House is labor and freshness.

Pizza House
You will live the spirit of Olympos in this place!

As soon as you step inside, the atmosphere of the Hangar Bar takes you to another world. You’ll feel at home in a warm and cozy atmosphere in the place where you can enjoy your day and night. On the one hand, you’ll enjoy a good time with quality music while you’re sipping your special cocktails and drinks. You haven’t lived the spirit of Olympos without spending time in Olympos’s most private bar.

Olympos' taste stop!

Kadir's Restaurant

A health-packed menu awaits you in a place where you can eat 2 meals a day, morning and evening.The most important thing in Kadir’s restaurant is healthy nutrition, with juicy food, a rich buffet of veggies and salads for every taste.

A circle of fire creates the circle of friendship!

We are open for all seasons.You can sit under the stars and enjoy the outdoors while meeting new people and winning valuable friendships. Let’s gather around the campfire, feel the peace of nature in the mountain of the gods,