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About Us

It's an authentic place where forest camp and cozy wooden structures blend perfectly with nature.

Olympos based facility is the ideal place for travelers who have not yet lost the spirit of adventure!

Kadir Kaya, the founder of Kadir’s Tree houses, came to this area 31 years ago where there was no electricity,. He lived like Robinson Crusoe his life and managed with many difficulties to bring the place to this day.Serving a few home guests 31 years ago, Kadir’s Tree houses are a facility that can serve 260 people today, with 100 Bungalows, 10 cabins and 4 crowded rooms.

Popular in the international backpacking community, Kadir’s Tree houses were selected as the best Hostel on earth at TNT in 2000. In 2010,  it was in the list  10 most interesting places to see in the world by Washington Post. In 2011, it was ranked first in the world’s coolest 10 Hostel by the Los Angeles Times. BBC Television has shot twice in Olympos under the title of the Silk Road Of The Backpackers documentary. It is also shown on the Discovery Channel in a one-hour program that promotes Turkey.

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The founder of tree houses, Kadir Kaya, who serves backpacks from all over the world, he says it looks like a United Nation Camp and adds;

“This is a camp where everyone is equal, no one bothers anyone, where the people of the world gather, where peace, friendship, brotherhood and love.”

You can find yourself a place to stay in between pine woods, orange gardens and tree houses set on top of trees. The Kadir’s Tree houses are a must-stop place for backpackers, especially travelers, who enjoy nature and adventure.