Rock Climbing Info

MEET WITH ROCK CLIMBING You realize where you are right now. Olympos, one of Turkey's most famous Rock Climbing place. If you haven't tried this sport before, there might be a lot of questions in your mind. But believe me, it's one of our most papuler activity you won't regret.

Don't forget that our goal is to make you love this sport. We're not going to put you under a burden and a burden you can't do. We are here to meet with you this sport. You will start 2 easy different route that maximum 20 meters. Dont panic. When you come to our office, we will be explaining everything you need to know. We will provide you with all the remaining technical materials. After the material selection and technical briefing at the office, we arrive at our climbing garden which is about 15 minutes walk away. We are doing yoga with our team leader. The leaders will launch 2 different starting levels. In this way you will always climb with a rope from above. In the meantime, the leaders will explain all the rules. Those who are afraid of falling will be shown to be impossible. When you turn comes, you will climb only 2 meters. We wants that you must trust the rope and technic. After down back, you can go summit. At least one trainer takes only your safety until you finish climbing, and on climbing time ıf you need some hint, your leader will say you. But believe me, you'd be more excited to solve this puzzle yourself. Once you have finished the First Route, you have enough time to rest and then you are more consciously moving on the 2nd route. If you want to try again, you can enjoy half day or full day climbing by taking the Guidance and not a try climb anymore.


The activity of the family will undoubtedly be the most enjoyable moments of your holiday.
We call upon parents who do not hesitate to embark on an adventure for their child's mental and physical development. An vertical adventure awaits you. Climbing is realy helpful for childrens. Risk management, problem-solving ability, teamwork, natural knowledge, quick decision making and actionability, courage, physical coordination and physical strength develop much more quickly. Children who see that the parents who are taken as a role model do not fear, are becoming more courageous in experiencing the adventure and their trust in their parents is increasing. Spend quality time as a family; moreover, being adrenaline-filled but with a safe sport can be added to you. Just tell us that we want to climb, leave the rest to us. We will provide all the technical materials for you and your child. In this activity, which takes about 3 hours, we will open two different routes and let you meet with rocks and climbing. During this time, your child and / or you will enjoy climbing each other and encouraging each other. Climb with your child if you want. Or you can watch. This time is yours. Don't put a question mark in your head. We invite you to meet climbing without the risk of falling with the 100% safe TOP - ROPE technique