Hiking and Lycian Way

Olympos is beautiful from each other, and has different length walking options. The most important is the famous Lycian Way. The Lycian Way is a 505 km long track from Ölüdeniz to Antalya. It consists of many different parts. Accommodation is available on the grounds. The entire walkway is marked. Signs are regularly checked by Kate Clow and her volunteer team who mark the road for the first time.

Olympos - Mount Musa - Lost City Road
Starting from Olympos and ending at the summit of Mount Musa (780m), the round trip is 5 hours. At the summit of Mount Musa we will see the unspoiled ruins of the ancient city of Olympos, one of the first settlements of the Lycians, and take a break in the Adrasan landscape. Olympos-Cirali-Ulupinar Road
Starting from Olympos and passing through Çıralı, it is a pleasant walk that ends in Ulupınar. we will see plane trees, rivers and trout restaurants. It takes a total of 5 hours. O
lympos-Adrasan Road

On this trail of Lycian Way, go to the summit of Mount Musa, visit the Lost City and finish the walk on Adrasan coast. It takes a total of 7 hours.
Olympos - Cennet Road
It is a short road which has interesting landscapes that pass through the hidden historical buildings of Olympos and continue from the beach. The walk passes by the flat walls where rock climbers discover and climb and finishes in the forest that overlooks the Ceneviz Bay.
Karaöz-Adrasan Road
It is one of the most beautiful trails with 5 islands and the sea view passing through the famous Gelidonya Lighthouse. It takes 7 hours.
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