Deep Water Solo

For Olympos, German rock climbers says; "Olympos, zoom Himmel aufsteigen, in Wasser fell" Olympus, climb the sky, fall into the water " Olympos has spectacular Deep Water Solo locations. In order to do this, you must make a reservation and book a day before in the "Adventure Center" Activity Office located in our camp. The next day, we will move to Olympos beach from our camp. After about half an hour journey from the beach by boat. Deep Water Solo points are reached. The boat approaches the steep rock in full zero, retreats after you hold it, according to your navy, you climb up to where you can climb, then you fall into the water by leaving yourself in space. There is no rock protrusion below, water is deep, so you don't mind falling down. European and Russian outdoor sports enthusiasts are very interested in this sport of nature.
If you dont have friction; you can rent from activity center. Or you can use yours friction.


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