Boat Trip Info Olympos - Kekova

This yacht tour is booked at least 1 day in advance and at 09'00 in the morning we will meet at our Activity Center and move to Demre Çayağzı (Andreake Port). Andreake Port is about 80 km from Olympos. The journey by minibus takes about 1.5 hours. After 11:00, the yacht departs from Andriake Port in Demre Çayağzı. Shortly after the yacht moves, a lunch break is given in front of Gokkaya bay or Simena castle. Meanwhile, those who want to enter the sea. At lunch you are given fish, chicken, salads and pasta. After the meal, visitors to Simena Castle visit the panoramic view and take pictures. After a 1-hour break, we go to the "Shipyard Bay" just opposite Simena. Here we serve tea and biscuits and a swimming break. Then, along the island of Kekova sunken city ruins seeing "Pirate Cave" comes to the front. Sometimes at the beginning of the tour, the Pirate Cave can be visited first. No break is given here, after the cave is shown from the boat, the last swimming break is given in the nearby Gökkaya area and then it is returned to Çayağzı at around 16 pm. After getting off the boat, we are going to Myra by minibus. Rock Tombs, visit the ancient theater after visiting the Church of Demre Santa Claus. museum entrance fees belong to the passengers themselves. Those who do not want to see historical places from the Passengers can wait in the entrance areas while others are visiting. After the visit at the time set at the minibus to arrive at Olympos. About 19.00 in the camp will be returned.
Tour Price: 20 Euro
For more detailed information about the tour, please call +90 533 354 99 41
Or you can use whatsapp for this number +90 533 354 99 41


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