The only place for crazy fun!

Get ready to enjoy the place where the historical idyllic nature of Olympos along with the sun and sea come together for crazy fun! Starting when the doors open at midnight, you’ll gather by the fire and enjoy music that will leave all your worries and stress from city life behind. A place where different cultures come together from the four corners of the world is waiting for you!

Working hours: 24.00 - 03.00

Hangar Bar

You’ll experience the soul of Olympos in this place!

The moment your step inside the Hangar Bar’s atmosphere you’ll be taken to another world. You’ll feel at home in a warm and friendly place that you can have fun in from morning to night. You’ll enjoy quality music and conversation while sipping cocktails. You’ll always remember the times that you spent and the unforgettable friendships and memories that you make in this unique bar.

Working hours: 08.00 - 24.00

Fire Side Bar

Gather inside the fire circle of friendship!

Nothing compares to sipping a drink and having a chat near the nature lover’s camp fire. You can make new friends under the stars and while sitting in the open air. Let’s meet around the fire at the skirt of the Olympos mountain and enjoy the calming nature.