Chimera Tour

Yanartas is one of the most symbolic places in the region. It is a place with historical and natural features. In the ancient period of Greek mythology, the legend of Khimaira was passed. Nearly almost all of the Tourists who come to the region attend these tours. Tourists who want to go to Yanartaş; After 24 km from Olympos with minibuses Çıralı comes to the place called Yanar Boğazı. From here, you can walk about 1400 m. The footpath is 355 m above sea level. (10% slope) and half an hour walk up to Yanartas. For the Yanaştaş tour, minibuses are carried out after 21.00 in the summer and after 20.00 in the winter. Those who want to eat sausages, drinks or marshmallow candies can eat at the fire. The tours are made with a minimum of 8 people. Going up and downhill walk 1 hour, time spent in Yanartaş about one hour, landing and arriving at the camp about 1 hour, the tour lasts a total of 3 hours. At around 24.00 at night, we will return to the camp again.
Tour Price: 6 Euro (including entrance fee) 
For more detailed information about the tour, please call +90 532 686 1799 Or you can use whatsapp for this number +90 543 206 47 89


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